Thursday, 9 August 2012

Poem @ Pittenweem

Today I received the lovely news that a piece from my Vanity Series, the Vintage Powder Puff Neckpiece, was sold. The piece had been on display at Pittenweem Arts Festival as part of a small exhibition of works to be displayed alongside poems inspired by them. A beautiful poem called "Amanda & Edward" by Olga Wojtas was created. I loved the poem as I had no idea how the poet would interpret the work; whether the "vanity" aspect would come up, so I loved that it has been romanticised - a medallion-style tribute to a small feature loved by a partner. In fact I really wish this had been the original theme!

Amanda and Edward

Amanda was a woman of keen intelligence. 
“Do you love me?” she asked. 
“I love you,” Edward said. 
“Why do you love me?” she asked further. 
“Because of your keen intelligence,” he said. 
But what he meant was because of your little retrouss√© nose. 
“How much do you love me?” she asked further still.
“With all my heart,” he said.
“Give me a love token,” she said, thinking that will prove how much you love me, for she was a woman of keen intelligence.
He had divers scour the South Seas for iridescent pearls. He had miners extract gleaming silver from the depths of Lower Silesia. He had sharp-eyed Belgian spinsters create fine needle-lace. And then he added a pink plump powder puff.
“A love token,” he said. “To celebrate your keen intelligence.”
And he imagined kissing the tip of her little retroussé nose.

Olga Wojtas 

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