Monday, 28 May 2012

Degree Show 2012

On Saturday I finally got round to visiting the DJCAD Degree Show. My main aim was to visit my friend Jenny Smith's display after completing her Artist in Residence stint. Jenny has decided to set up business under the name PRINTSMITH Textiles and her work is gorgeous as per usual! Gorgeous muted tones and geometric shapes create beautiful home-ready lampshades and cushions-a-plenty. Check her work out: Here!

Jewellery & Metal Design was of course a point of call and, as usual, the work was to an extremely high standard. The Jewellery dept. at DJCAD seems to be unstoppable at the moment (with 3 consecutive wins at New Designers) and this year did not disappoint. With some departments I personally feel a bit "Is that it?" when you see only a few items in front of you (granted extensive portfolios are probably tucked away somewhere!) but that is never the case with jewellery. A few of my favourites are listed below complete with personal statements:

Sana Aziz: Hidden within a quirky, circus inspired collection is a deep narrative addressing some of the social issues that women in Pakistan are facing today. Sana uses the circus not just as a tool for visual inspiration, but more importantly, as a metaphorical journey. By drawing subtle comparisons between real life and the workings of a circus, she aims to bring social and cultural issues like education constraints and concepts of arranged marriages to the forefront, so that a larger audience can be made aware of them and are encouraged to challenge these stereo types in an aim to improve the life of current and future generations of Pakistani women.

Sally-Anne Fenton: Sally’s work focuses on preserving precious memories through jewellery and capturing a piece of a loved one which will be treasured forever. Inspired by the recent loss of her grandmother, Sally aims to keep her memory alive through her jewellery. She is interested in expressing the relationship which she had with her grandmother and conveys this by contrasting the old and the new – the vintage and the modern. Using fabrics from her grandmother’s clothes, gemstones from her jewellery and natural forms from her garden as a basis for her collection, Sally recreates and transforms them into something new.

Janna Macdonald: The Fairy Hunt Tooth fairy hunting is a very unpublicized event in our modern day society, which is where Janna's collection of both objects and jewellery give effective advertisement for this lost sport. Basing her pieces around the concept of animal hunting, Janna gives her audience a look into her own fantasy land which gives a humorous yet dark insight into the folklore tale of the Tooth Fairy which we all loved as a child.

Textiles is always the next attraction for me and some other gorgeous printed items that stood out were produced by...

Claire Anne Grant:

& Serena Quigley

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