Friday, 20 April 2012

Vanilla Ink / Commission

Just a small post to say that I have recently sent some smaller items of jewellery to be stocked at the wonderful Vanilla Ink to join the "MADE pieces". These will be available soon (one item pictured below) so will hopefully have more images for you all soon! I found the above image after I finally got into Instagram - I'm not sure why it's taken so long, it's so easy to get photos up quickly on various social networking sites! Follow me at nicolalreed if you're involved already!

I have also been working on a commission for one of my good friends (and ex-flatmates!), Kirsty! Kirsty was given a piece of meteorite from her boyfriend as she loves stars - a piece that was found near Beunos Aires - and wanted me to make it into a necklace for her. The piece is quite simple - sterling silver / flat at the back with 5 claws holding the meteorite and a 20" chain - so I will hopefully have some pics of that soon too. 

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