Thursday, 8 March 2012


Things have been a little quiet on the jewellery front at the moment so I thought I'd take the time to explain what I've been up to! I recently decided to get my business on the right track so the 1st start was to register as self-employed. Anything to do with the HMRC does tend to make for an instant headache but I knew it needed to be done so I've got myself a nice little folder to keep all my paperwork in order! Since I had a little bit of disruption with my job at the start of the year I have been unwilling to dip into my bank account to shell out for silver, though I did manage to get some pieces together to send off to Hung gallery in Inverness. It's a nice feeling to have some work for sale in my home city! I will be purchasing some silver very soon to get back into the making game very soon though! Another disruption is my website; while having your boyfriend do it for free is a luxury - the nagging to get it done is not!! However, it should (!!!) be up and running next week - similar design just a bit slicker/new images/drop down menus to clean it up. I will be running a little competition soon to celebrate so watch this space! Other exciting news is that I was recently contacted by my former jewellery tutor to send an exhibition piece to be included in Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2012 in Poland under the DJCAD banner. I decided to polish up a Vanity Series piece "Powder Puff Brooch" for inclusion.

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