Friday, 13 January 2012

Small Repairs

Necklace changed from a leather cord to a snake chain.

Bracelet catch with stone - 
the silver had snapped so a new catch was required.

I was given a couple of tiny jewellery tasks to do from friends and family - a swap of a chain and a small repair involving silver wire. At work at Magnolia Silver Jewellery, several people come up asking if we are able to do small repairs and a couple of times I have done this in store but usually if it is a bigger job - it is limited to the companies own jewellery and is sent away to the manufacturers. I like the challenge of repairs and you get to see different types of jewellery as well as needing to use a bit of problem solving! If anyone is needing any repairs to any silver jewellery I encourage you to get in touch as it is usually relatively simple to find a solution and I would be happy to take a look! :)

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