Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Having known for a while that my website needed updating - we had discovered after getting a new laptop that the only computer my site didn't seem to show up as Comic Sans was our old one!! - especially with the inclusion of the new Salvaged Bijoux collection, I have decided to take the site down while it gets a small makeover. Not too much will be changing by way of style - it just needs a good clear out in the coding department and my boyfriend, who created the site, has learned a few more computing skills to make the site run better. It was just getting a little cluttered in my view so I think there will be more drop down menu options and a cleaner layout. 

Secondly while looking at my site, I decided to de-list everything from my Etsy store to make way for some new pieces from the Salvaged Bijoux collection. However, I am not all that convinced about Etsy anymore as it seems chock a block with sellers and I am sick of constantly re-listing entries and not getting alerted via email of them becoming de-listed. So I am considering moving to BigCartel. I already have one of the free packages, allowing 5 items, but am considering taking the plunge and going for the $9.99 a month package. It seems like a nice clear layout and a bit more up to date than Etsy. Does anyone have any experience with the site? Which do users prefer? I'd love to here some opinions!

Last but not least, with the coming of 2012 I had decided to set myself a few jewellery New Years Resolutions! Just little things to set as small goals to make sure I am being pro-active! Has anyone else set any  jewellery-resolutions? Here are mine...

1. Re-do my site & set up a new shop with good quality pictures.

2. Make myself some jewellery to wear to promote my skills. (I always make myself something, only for the next craft fair to come round and I think "I can sell these!")

3. Carry business cards around at all times.

4. Focus on building up more stockists.

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