Friday, 16 September 2011

Sneak Peek

A sneaky peek at some earrings I have made for an ongoing collection Salvaged Bijoux.

The lovely ladies from Look Like Love were kind enough to do a sneaky feature of the collection a little while ago and I am happy to report I have some exciting new ventures coming up with this collection - as usual, however, more details will be revealed at a more appropriate time!

I had been eager to start a new collection since the beginning of the year really and had a bit of a dip in confidence over which direction to go in. Vanity Series 2010 was a fantastic collection that I am really proud of but I sort of wanted to step away from it and leave it solely as my "Degree Show Collection" (despite some pieces being created after University!). I still love working with pearls and suspenders etc,  but I felt I was going down the "craft fair route" far too much for my liking! I love doing fairs but didn't feel I was using my jewellery skills in some of the work I was producing.

Since Re-worked has come about, I've noticed a bit of a change in the type of jewellery that has been inspiring me and, in a lot of ways, I think Re-worked has been the starting point for Salvaged Bijoux. Actually, quite interestingly, a lot of the commercial jewellery made between collections has similar shapes, or can lend details to Salvaged Bijoux. I think I was fluttering around without a direction and I'm now on the right creative path so to speak!

My main inspiration for this collection is broken and vintage jewellery - the idea of salvaging items - replacing missing stones - jewellery scraps pieced together to make new pieces. One thing I discussed recently with my Re-worked partner in crime Sara Nevay was that, because 4th year was such an intense period of study with so much research into one collection, it feels a bit like another collection isn't as "worthy" if it doesn't have equal amount of time and research behind it: something that is simply not possible with a full time job! However, with Re-worked, I have been really enjoying making by instinct and doing more of a hands on/experiment based collection and I think this is, again, a big influence on this new collection. I am looking forward to a collection that can feature small, commercial pieces as well as large statement pieces, and a collection that can be on-going - ever evolving.

I'll round this off by saying, all in all, I am looking forward to getting some motivation back, creating some new work, getting some good photography done(!!!), and sharing a brand new collection with you all!

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