Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Magnolia Silver Jewellery

A very quick post to tell you all that I have a new job as a Sales Assistant at Magnolia Silver Jewellery in Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen. After a few months of being utterly bored and unhappy in my old job, I took a chance and applied for Magnolia after spotting the job advert online. Despite very limited sales experience, I applied for the job as I was eager to work with jewellery and figured that picking up a few tips on selling other peoples designs couldn't harm my chances for selling my own! Magnolia Silver Jewellery specialises (rather obviously!) on sterling silver pieces with semi-precious stones. I am also eager to increase my knowledge of stones (identifying them and their properties) which I think will come in time as their is a huge collection of stones despite such a small store. I am delighted to sell a product I actually love as the designs are gorgeous, as well as handmade. We have a website: www.magnolia-silver.com but if you are ever in Aberdeen, pop into Union Square to visit us and see the lovely collection of jewellery on offer.


Nicola Wyllie said...

Congrats on the new job!

I'm sure working in a jewellers can only but help you jewellery knowledge :) xxx

Nicola Louise Reed said...

Thanks Nic!

Haha I'm certainly hoping so! And of course 30% discount doesn't hurt either! ;) xxx

Suzanne said...

Congratulations...Make the most of it, a great opportunity!

Nicola Louise Reed said...

Thanks! I certainly will! It beats waitressing for sure anyway!! x