Tuesday, 19 July 2011


A small note to say that I have signed up to Pinterest: a highly addictive site that allows you to install a "pin it" option to your tool bar so, if you happen to come across a cute image, be it jewellery, or an item of clothing, etc (anything to be honest!), then you simply click "pin it" and it is added to a virtual pin board.

I love this idea as, so many times, I will come across something, even an idea, that I love online, but it's maybe not relevant to blog about, so I admire then forget. Now I can simply add it to a pin board to be re-discovered.

If you are on Pinterest: Follow me here!

Another note: I had a lovely day at Magpie Market again on Sunday, particularly speaking to the lovely girls from A Wooden TreeFlorence Box Jewellery and bY Mi who's stall I was beside at the last market too! Check out their sites as these are a very talented bunch! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics of my display - which was looking rather lovely! - but the ladies from Magpie inform me they do so I'll hopefully get some up soon!

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