Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nicolas Cheng

The Beauty of Nothingness

Whilst browsing the blog archive of  Dezeen, I came across the work of Nicolas Cheng and his collection "The Beauty of
Nothingness". Upon seeing his work, I was immediately reminded of a post myself & Sara Nevay had planned for our collaborative project, Re-worked, on some rusty objects we had found while walking along the riverside in Dundee.

His range of brooches feature materials most commonly used in the process of bathing, bits of sponge and loofah combined with cottons to create small compositions that "exists in a gray zone somewhere between nothingness and purity. Each piece, challenging us through the beauty itself but also through the strangeness of the pieces."

I love the natural colours and hues, and much like the rusty experiments so far produced for Re-worked, the brilliant oranges that clash so beautifully. This collection has really got me inspired: tough and well worn looking combined with gorgeous feminine hues and materials. 

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