Saturday, 4 June 2011


Today myself & one of my best friends went for a walk around in the lovely sunshine with the aim to visiting a small exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery: Metal Works. I was eager to see it as I still don't know Aberdeen all that well & wanted to get a little more culture than I get from my usual round-the-shops tour(!) and to marvel at all the lovely silver-smithing. It featured a range of different objects: spoons, boxes & teapots but unfortunately no jewellery. None the less the exhibition is on for a while (3rd March 2012) so if you get a chance to visit Aberdeen - take a peek.

Elsewhere in the gallery, an artist, who's name I have unfortunately forgotten despite attempting a mental note of it, had created a dress out of the metal springs used in pegs, with the wooden sides left over scattered around it as an instillation. The dress instantly reminded me of Re-worked, especially as the springs near the bottom of the dress were rusted. Re-worked has been getting a bit more publicity recently and was described by Like Boys in Dundee as "Inspiring work and investigations with a melancholy beauty all of its own."

Re-worked has also been lucky enough to be featured on a blog that is devoted to showcasing graduate art, Look Like Love. Check out their blog as they will no doubt be featuring some exciting new talent in the coming months following the Degree Shows. Follow this blog & support graduate talent :)

Apart from Re-worked I have been busy trying to finish off a bracelet for Scottish folk singer Emily Smith and working on some new pieces for the July Magpie Market. I also have some ideas for a new collection / range of pieces that I would like to create but unfortunately am unable to get my hands on some much-needed pearl wire until it is back in stock so, for the moment, I have been back to sketchbooking! 

Hopefully I'll get some pics up soon.

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