Wednesday, 11 May 2011


On Sunday, myself & Jenny Smith attended our 1st Magpie Market @ The Hub in Edinburgh. Above are some pictures of our display which, thanks to Jenny's hand illustrated cameo cards, flowed nicely and combined our work excellently despite the different use of colours.

The market wasn't quite what I had expected as the people attending the market were of all ages and even included some men, which was a shock! The day went well despite a very early train from Dundee and I enjoyed the experience even though I was very nervous and Jenny mentioned that I seemed surprised every time someone bought something - which I was!! I though that, as it was my first craft fair, that if I covered the cost of the train and the table then I should be extremely delighted if I made any profit and I managed to do that. I was trying to keep an eye on what people were mostly picking up or first interested in but there didn't seem to really be a pattern to what was selling. I enjoyed the delight of the older ladies towards my suspender pieces as they all recalled wearing suspenders themselves.

My favourite display was by Wooden Tree who's cute 
forest-y foxes and stags were very popular! I personally had my eye on an extremely cool stuffed anchor brooch but had forced myself not to buy anything - a hard task given the amount of adorable things to buy! Also forcing me to reconsider this self-inflicted rule was Twiggd who also had a selection of hand-made wooden anchor and stag head brooches. I will be visiting their Etsy site very soon to treat myself.

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