Tuesday, 24 May 2011

DJCAD Degree Show 2011

Today I finally had the time to get through to Dundee to visit the annual degree show & my day did not disappoint! As usual I was eager to rush off to the Jewellery dept (as I mentioned in my last post - there were a few I was eager to see) but was first of all distracted by all the talent in Textiles.

Caitlin Beaver's display was the 1st I came to & I instantly loved it - soft, feminine colours and adorable bird designs: the sort of prints that could lend themselves to any item: clothing or interior etc. 


Leela Smith, my personal favourite, also produced very feminine works which actually evolved from anatomical drawings. I love when a piece not only looks fantastic, but has a great design process behind it - or a surprising inspiration - which was true of Josey McWilliam's work. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture online but her pieces initially look very fun & playful but. upon reading her artist's statement, I was surprised to find her work was based around Lewy Bodie Dementia. This condition causes sufferers to "experience detailed and convincing visual hallucinations often of people or animals" which were featured on her fabrics. 

Marion H A Lean also used her work to highlight an important health message: anti-smoking. Again, despite the provocative theme, beautiful, delicate work has been produced.

Another two designers who's work took my fancy were Nicola Keir & Lorri Smyth. While Lorri created interesting pieces from plywood, inspired by by the materials used within the hidden construction of modern buildings, Nicola produced work which I would happily (i.e. LOVE to) have in my living room - retro style crochet pouffes! Awesome!

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