Friday, 1 April 2011

Daisy Commission

Above is a recently completed necklace that I created for 
a personal commission.

I love the challenge of commissions as you never know 
what you will be asked to do and I find that they test my 
making skills - or rather "refresh" them! - as they take 
me out of my comfort zone of sticking with similar 
materials and techniques for making!

I was asked to make a necklace featuring a daisy and 
I'd put forward the suggestion of using smokey quartz 
beads - I think they're a very mature, classic stone and 
I'd been looking for anexcuse to buy a string or 2 for a 
while now. I'm very pleased with the outcome and managed 
to getsome great pictures using my brother's new camera. 


Studio Sylvia said...

I like the petal relief work Nicola. Lovely.

Mellisa said...

Very pretty! I'm such a fan of smoky quartz, it plays so well with all sorts of other stones :)