Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Directions in Jewellery

As part of my birthday present from Jenny Smith & Sara Nevay I received New Directions in Jewellery 2, a book I have been wanting to buy for ages now, so I was delighted as you can imagine! I will now need to invest in the first book to complete my collection. I really want to build up a good collection of jewellery/design books as they are the type of book that, even if you've read them over and over, each time you flick through you notice something interesting that never caught your eye before or something that inspires an idea. When I opened the book, I was reminded of a particular design (pictured below) I saw in 2nd or 3rd year of secondary school which completely amazed me at the time as I had no idea "jewellery" could be as creative. It is one of the realisations that led me to study jewellery at University. Funnily enough the designer of that piece, Ted Noten is featured in New Directions!

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