Friday, 11 March 2011


As I will soon be moving to Aberdeen (8weeks!), I decided to use my birthday as an opportunity to get some much-needed tools to ensure I'm equipped to make jewellery there comfortably and not have to fret about affording equipment, so I decided to ask for a Dremel drill and Dremel Workstation as my main present from my parents. I'm delighted with it and can't wait to have it all set up as part of a proper working area in my own flat. My birthday is actually on Monday and I have asked for a bracelet mandrel from my boyfriend so I will post some pics when I get them!

Although I've been a bit busy with Re-worked, which is now a Crafthaus group after Brigitte Martin expressed his interest in the project being shared with Crafthaus members, I have been trying to keep up with making jewellery for craft fairs as well as working on a commission for a colleague's wife.

As well as the commission, I am going to be making some 
jewellery for Emily Smith, a very talented folk singer, 
to wear while performing the festival circuit this summer promoting her new album "Traivellers Joy". 

I love commissions and creating pieces that I wouldn't normally make so I am excited for these opportunities and will hopefully have some pictures to show you all soon.

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