Monday, 7 February 2011


I recently returned to my old art college Duncan of Jordanstone to raid their brilliant little art shop of it's supplies! I picked up some very cheap little sketchbook and invested in a brilliant large brown paper sketchbook by Seawhite of Brighton to be my "main" book to work in. I've had a much clearer idea recently of the type of commercial jewellery I want to make to coincide with my main collections which are generally more exhibition pieces. The type of jewellery I love making and the type I feel I "have" to make (i.e. the type that sells!!) have always felt so separate to me so I've been trying to create a collection where I have a small sell-able collection that I'm actually proud to put my name on! I've come up with some great sketches and am in the process of putting these sketches to reality and experimenting with cold enamels. Hopefully I can put up some pics of work soon! I'm trying to squirrel away as much work as possible to then photograph all at once with my friend Sara Nevay's camera as mine is of pretty poor quality to be honest and I'm in dire need of some good quality pics!

Along with my new sketchbooks, I also purchased a new sketch pad as I have been inspired to get back into drawing by my friend Jenny Smith! Above is a cute sketch of my unsuspecting model, and faithful pet Bob!  


Jenny said...

little boooooob! tres cute madame, goooooooo drawing! yeehaw. xxx

Nicola Louise Reed said...

Haha I knew you'd be proud!! I enjoy the way his ear is twitching round all suspicious! Lil fat bob cat. :) xxx