Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hollie Paxton

As I will soon be moving to Aberdeen to live with my boyfriend after he finally found a job, I have been going through some things, having a tidy and working out what's coming with me and I came across my collection of postcards - mainly picked up from Degree Shows. I love collecting them and always have a collage of my favourites up in my room. Hopefully I can persuade my boyfriend to let me have a big collage of them in the living room but if he's against it I'll just have them above my work space. Hopefully we'll get a flat with a desk already there or I'll just buy a desk and with a bit of DIY I'll transform it into a jewellery bench! Watch this space! Anyway I stumbled across a pile from New Designers and was reintroduced to the work of Hollie Paxton who stood out as one of my favourite exhibitors.

"By replicating fragments of discarded packaging, using precious materials and labour-intensive processes, this collection questions notions of what can be precious, and highlights the transition from useful to useless and vice-versa.

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