Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dundee Craft Makers Award / Re-worked


"Re-worked will highlight the notion of preciousness in modern materials by examining the process of re-adapting vintage materials in making marks (permanent and impermanent) with precious and non-precious metals and destructive processes."

Well as most of you are aware, for a while now I have been rabbiting on about a collaborative project with textile designer Sara Nevay, but have always said I couldn't say too much about it. The reason for the secretiveness was that we had applied for funding from the Dundee Craft Makers Scheme and didn't want to jeopardise our chances of getting funding. However I am happy to report we have recieved a Craft Makers Award and "Re-worked" is now a reality! Officially starting on the 1st March...

...please please please follow our project at the link below:

Thank you.

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Holly Wilcox said...

eeee i am very excited about seeing the outcome of this project! good luck to yous... i'm sure you'll produce some awesome pieces! xxx