Monday, 28 February 2011

Auldearn Antiques

I spent Thursday with my Grandparents up at one of my favourite places to rummage, Auldearn Antiques. I went with the view to look for, in no particular order, vintage textiles for Re-worked, cute items for craft fair displays and cute flat things/stuff for myself! There is always a range of different things to rummage through so its always good fun but it's sometimes a bit hit or miss - sometimes you find the perfect thing and sometimes you don't! I spotted a few items in the textile department that I may go back for for the project but there were plenty of them so I'm in no rush and there were also plenty of cute tea cups that could have made my collection a bit larger(!) but in the end I just plumped for a retro tile and a cute dish (50p!) that can do do for craft fairs as well as decorate my new flat!!

Tomorrow is the official start date for myself & Sara Nevay's project so please follow our blog and watch our project through the design process from start to finish.

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