Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year New Beginnings

I am first of all posting this blog to wish everyone a belated Happy New year! As cheesy as it sounds I think this will be a good year for positive changes in my life and hopefully in my career...

Myself and my 2 best friends have been eager to start our own business literally since meeting in our 1st year of University and it looks like 2011 will be the year this happens. With an opportunity of a loan from a family member and certain funding situations we are eager to get started as soon as possible so will be visiting the brilliant Business Gateway on the 7th to get us started on the right route. Of course these things take a lot of time and as always I'm a little reluctant to give too much away but hopefully more will be revealed as further developments occur. 

Other good news to start this year on a positive note is that after a successful Christmas period, Glow Beauty Therapy will be selling my jewellery throughout the year.

And being a was some what inevitable....but the opportunity has come up to create a range of kilt pins to be sold in a shop in Inverness! I have never made a kilt pin before but I am up for the challenge to create a contemporary range. I remembered that when I was very young I was rummaging in my Grampa's shed and came across an old tin full of buttons and, after rifling through, found an old silver kilt pin with a large jewel at the top. At the time I was pretty convinced I'd unearthed some valuable treasure so had kept it safe after being allowed to keep it. I dug it out of the cupboard and will use it as a starting point for my designs! 

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