Wednesday, 26 January 2011


As per usual it has taken me a while to get involved with Flickr properly - I signed up years ago, had an embarassingly immature group of photos all under the name of "SailorNoodle" and consequently couldn't access my profile to get rid of it!! The usual!!! Anyways I decided to persevere despite the massive headache sorting things like that usually brings on and after many clicks on "I've forgotten my user id" etc etc I managed to access it and delete! So introducing the new, mature jewellery-related photostream...

If you are on Flickr too please add me as a contact!


Roberta said...

Funny. I did the same thing. I have two flickr accounts set up. I still can't remember my password to the old one to delete it.

I really need to do that. Thanks for the reminder!

Nicola Louise Reed said...

Haha no problem - I think my issue was that I got very confused about the yahoo password - I went into that account and got my user id sent to my alternative email! hopefully that helps! xxx