Friday, 24 December 2010

Jayne Wallace

I'm not usually very interested in jewellery that has a strong digital or computer-aided element to it as I feel it can take over the meaning of jewellery that has always appealed to me, such as the sentimental side. It often leaves me with the impression that the piece is quite cold and I don't like the "perfection" of the pieces produced. However, Jayne Wallace's jewellery has completely blown away my pre-conceived notions of interactive jewellery. 
I love that although she has used digital elements 
some of the pieces still have a 
vintage or traditional feel to them.

My favourite is the piece pictured above, seven cameo cabochons and gilt brooch frame, is part of the "Memory Loss" project. It physically describes the effects of memory loss very cleverly and subtly by showing the cameo slowly degrading until 
the image is nearly in silhouette form

"A locket than can forget" also explores fading memories as she describes...

"This piece empathises with the notion of forgetting. The locket contains an image that degrades a tiny amount each time it is opened. Although it attempts to hold onto what is precious in each image, over time this will fade until only the very tenacious aspects remain. Similar to our own memories, the image transforms and pales, ultimately leaving only fragments. Like a real photograph, the image fades and ages over time, bringing a more life-like and tangible quality to the digital."


kasthurirajam said...

Beautiful.Merry christmas

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