Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hi-Arts Craft Banner

I received the good news today that an image of my work has been used in Hi-Arts' new banner which is used on the "Craft" section of their website and in their most recent newsletter - my image is the second on the left - and will hopefully be used on their new postcard which I am hoping to get my hands on!

On the subject of images, I recently had a comment from someone that their wife had been looking at my site and was wondering if I had any more images. Interestingly I had actually had a similar comment before that people were wanting to see more of what I did. To be honest, I had hoped to keep my website gallery exclusively for my big collections such as Vanity Series 2010, and hopefully my upcoming collection with Sara Nevay, but the comment led me to review my site. So I spoke to my boyfriend (who made and updates my website) and we have come up with a few solutions that will help promote my images more and direct people to more commercial work without cluttering up my gallery - by way of a new section in the tool bar - which will come in the future but hopefully some gallery changes will be happening in a few days.

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