Friday, 26 November 2010

Off The Shelf

Today is the start of the annual "Off The Shelf" Exhibition at Saltburn Artists' Projects in which some pieces from "Vanity Series 2010" will be exhibited.

Described as "This dynamic exhibition changes on a regular basis by replacing works which have been sold and offering new pieces for sale, creating a 
constantly transforming display."

I am also busy making some pieces for Marion Campbell's beauty salon "Glow" (a bit ironic considering my degree show collection was based on make up!) which I am excited about as it is a chance to have my work displayed in my home town for the 1st time. However, I must admit, I am getting a bit lazy with my jewellery making and finding it hard to stay motivated in my freezing cold - snow laden - workshop/shed!!! My boyfriend and I found out that some flats in his home town cost £190 a month for a good sized, modern, 2 bedroom flat & I must say I started fantasising about turning one whole bedroom into a workshop (complete with darts board..apparently!!). Hopefully the time will come soon for moving in together and getting a bit more comfortable and set up. I also have the horrible dilemma of Christmas - tools or Topshop??? 
A conundrum if ever there was one! 

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Deborah said...

Hi Nicola..thanks for your lovely comments on my site. I saw your lovely graduate collection, great to see that your success continues x