Sunday, 7 November 2010

Maria Militsi

"The power of absence that makes us look, the dimension of the lack and the space left by a missing object are ideas that signify in my work. In an attempt to absorb what already exists rather than adding to the world, I collect objects that have suffered a loss; the loss of their owner or the loss of their function triggers a desire within me to complete them, to reassess their function and to fill their empty space with precious metals."

After re-discovering a photo of Maria Militsi's work in my source book, I tried to find out a little more information and to scour Google for more images of her work. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the pieces featured but I was instantly drawn to her work that uses old jewellery boxes. I own a small Ciro of London brooch box similar to the one in the top image and have been searching on ebay for interesting ones to be used for my collaborative project with textiler Sara Nevay. Unfortunately for me they seem to be extremely popular but I recently managed to get my hands on a cute leather pendant case with an unusual shape. I will post some pictures of it soon when more details about the project can be divulged! 

I am also looking for some help naming a jeweller who's work I only have 1 image of - someone who's work I found at Inhorgenta, Munich about 3 years ago? The piece I remember and loved was a tiny silicone frame brooch - available in lots of different colours, which could be stretched over a metal frame which was worn underneath so that it highlighted small holes or marks on your top. (Sorry for the terrible description!) Basically it was a little frame brooch that showed off a mark on your top?! The picture I have is torn round the edge and I can only make out "ansteckschmuck" & "Fleckenrahmen" & "anhanger von gisa elm..." all of which mean nothing to me! If anyone has any ideas who the jeweller might be then please let me know! 

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