Monday, 8 November 2010

Maria Maclennan - Stolen Work

Recently my friend, and fellow jeweller, 
Maria Maclennan had 2 pieces stolen from the 
"Alternative A4 Exhibition" at
The Athenaeum/Club Snafu in Aberdeen.

The 2 pieces (pictured above) are Ephemera Princess Box
& Lost Lyric Matchbox - 
pieces from her degree show collection

Unfortunately it seems the venue and organisers have been quite unhelpful about the loss of the work (un-sympathetic emails and broken CCTV of all things) so if anyone has any information about these pieces please contact Maria at 
or alternatively through the facebook page - Stolen Work.

Unfortunately it seems situations like this are not that rare - jeweller Jane Gowans also had work stolen from Dundee's DCA  - but they baffle me as if the thief had a genuine interest in contemporary jewellery, you would assume they would respect the work and artist enough not to steal it and it's also now sort of rendered unwearable as surely such distinctive pieces would attract a lot of attention?! 

Who knows...
anyway if anyone has any information then please 
get in touch - you might even get a £50 reward if 
you contact the facebook page.


Maria Maclennan. said...

Aww Gharmy how lovely of you, thank you!! :( xxx

Nicola Reed said...

Aww not a prob! Happy to help! :) xxx

Sister Wolf said...

How horrible! People are just fucking mystifying, aren't they?