Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Laura Potter

I first came across Laura Potter's work when I was researching Lin Cheung for my 3rd year research project. My class were each assigned a jeweller to research, picked for similar attitudes to our work, where we had to create a slideshow presentation as well as create a piece inspired by our assigned jewellers work and style. As I was researching Lin Cheung, who has worked on several projects with Laura, I didn't get the chance to get a proper feel for Laura's work. 

However, one proper look at Laura's website and I'm definitely paying attention now! Potter's website is jam-packed with ideas and concepts - it is literally idea after idea after idea, but, amazingly, each idea has a polished, beautiful piece at the end.

Interestingly, I actually had an image of "Lifetime medal" (top image) in my "favourite source" sketchbook but, again, never quite had the time to actually research some more of her work.

I thought that "Lifetime medal 280100507863" is one of the most interesting pieces as well as being one of the most appealing aesthetically for me. Laura bought this bundle of gold jewellery from ebay which bore the description "This is the contents of my late grandmothers jewellery box sold as scrap" which you can see stitched on the final piece (above). This definitely explores the sense of sentimentality in jewellery and personally I found it really sad that someone could sell something that, for me, would be so utterly treasured.

The piece below is also one of my favourites 
- "Black Swan"

When I first noticed the link on her website I was intrigued and wondered what the little black swan's significance was..I'll let you have a look for yourself...

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