Sunday, 31 October 2010

Concept vs Commercial.

I want to use my blog as a place to show contemporary jewellery that focuses particularly on concept or strives to challenge the boundaries of what can be considered jewellery. I remember having a discussion with a fellow jeweller who was a bit annoyed that she hadn't achieved the grade she wanted for her degree and remarked that anything with a concept was automatically graded a First and exclaimed "I just want to make pretty jewellery!". This annoyed me in several different ways (!!!) but especially as I feel with most modern art..or actually just art in general ..anything different is viewed with suspicion or disregard - or the worst "I could have done that!" - well you didn't.

Personally I'm finding the same attitude in regard to my degree show collection Vanity Series 2010 and although there have been a few exhibitions and a couple coming up - I'm getting a lot of demand for commercial jewellery. Of course I knew this would be the case when I was making my collection - I had always wanted to create a range that was concept driven - and of course galleries have to sell work and commercial sells. My new collection with Sara Nevay will also be concept driven (details will follow - theres some paperwork to be done!!) as I never set out to specifically make work that sells. In fact I only get really excited about exhibiting my degree show collection and my new project coming up...Although saying all this, I'm sure my views will change dramatically the second I sell a few pieces at the Christmas shows I have coming up!! Anyways mini-rant over - I will be trying to find lots of new and exciting jewellers for my blog and hopefully get lots of new images so just a message to say that if anyone has any issues with regards to any images I use please get in touch. Mostly I will be bigging up any jeweller who is featured so hopefully I wont offend anyone :)


Holly Wilcox said...

tiny rant and a half!! i am soo looking forward to this surprise collaboration... want to know more... xx

Nicola Reed said...

Haha I do love a rant! More details will follow for the collaboration - I'm so excited about it - it's a giant mission - there's a whole week by week plan and there will be a blog which will act as a diary with samples, discussions etc! Lot more work than I thought - also have a lot of vintage materials to source and buy!! xxx