Friday, 24 September 2010

Hi-Arts meeting...

Yesterday myself and fellow jeweller Anne Sutherland attended a meeting about starting up your own business which was organised by Hi-Arts and featured talks by Donald Mackenzie from Business Gateway and also a session with Fiona Pilgrim, the professional development manager from the Cultural Enterprise Office which included exercises like "Defining your work" - ridiculously simple I thought but, actually when you focused on what you actually wanted to do and be defined by, was a bit more difficult. It was quite clarifying to just cut out all the other elements of what I do - such as smaller craft fair jewellery etc - and just concentrate on the most important. I was also interested in just taking away hints and tips for starting up businesses as I am still really interested in starting a tea room/gallery with 2 friends but it still seems so far in the future!! However the meeting gave me a boost and what was most interesting about the session was when we were asked to introduce ourselves and say why we were there and nearly everyone (all ranges from graduate to nearly retired) said that they were there to get some confidence or the boost they needed to get out there and do it! Lovely to see people in the same situation!

Also another shocking suprise - very little people had heard of MOO cards - shocking!! So heres a link for those of you not in the know!- MOO

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