Sunday, 29 August 2010

Website gallery!

A small blog to let you know that my gallery is finaaaalllly finished (one extremely nagged boyfriend later...!) and I'm super chuffed with it! Still having trouble with the pictures loading up - they take a while so we're looking in to getting that sorted but everything's looking super to me! 

Big thanks to my boyfriend Ryan for doing it for me...especially free of charge and full of nags... :) 



Dougie Kinnear said...

Nicola, it looks like the image files are quite large, that's why they're taking ages to open. Open them in Photoshop and in the file menu select 'save for web and devices' It will show a section of the image in another dialogue box, I usually have the '4 up' tab selected, top left is the original file, I usually click on the top right one and save it. They should then open very quickly.

Nicola Reed said...

Ah thank you Dougie! Being a computer illiterate fool I will run that by the boy and see what he makes of it! :D Thanks! x