Friday, 27 August 2010

Commercial work...

I have been spending time developing some new ranges of jewellery as well as playing about with some very commerical work. Currently my 2 most important ranges are my Intrinsic Range - so named as it contains some intrinsic features of my degree show collection but is much more commerical and doesn't feature any make up as of yet (Although it is still deliciously packed full of pinky peach suspenders!!) as well as a still-in-baby-stages collaborative collection with textiler Sara Nevay. I am ridiculously excited about beginning to show what we are up to but there are a few things that need to be finalised before the project can begin officially.

However I am also developing a beaded collection to be shown at craft fairs and to be exhibited at a gallery in Berwickshire for their Christmas sale (again, more on that later!!). Images of some works can be seen above as well as a long silver and onyx necklace I made for my boyfriend's Mum's Birthday.

Although I am delighted to be exhibiting some of this work, I am really anxious about becoming trapped in a jewellery-money cycle, as ridiculous as that sounds. I get so much enjoyment out of making pieces for the Vanity and Intrinsic series compared to making more commercial work. However I'm sure I wont be complaining if I get some money at Christmas time and also I love having a deadline to work to as it feels like you are making for a reason.

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Holly Wilcox said...

oooooh can't wait to see more! these look fab! :D xxxx