Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Clare Hillerby

Today I came across a jeweller who's work, had I come across her before the degree show, would have been plastered all over my source sketchbooks! The jeweller is Clare Hillerby.

"Creating chatter"

"Handwriting forms the starting point for my work. Old papers featuring handwritten messages by unknown characters are sourced, interesting sections are extracted; messages become ambiguous, they are then combined with new metalwork, and contemporary stories emerge.

The ephemera collected include postcards, letters and envelopes, old stamps for added colour, pattern and imagery, linen maps with their words and symbols, and sepia photographs of unknown characters. Original papers are layered with newly created metalwork elements which are influenced by markings in the found writing as well as textures and lines from the current urban environment that they are found in. Silver is often oxidised for a depth of colour and to allow papers to become the highlight. Details of yellow gold tube riveting are used to construct parts of the work to reference an industrial landscape; our new history being created daily. Semi-precious beads are added for texture and colour."

Clare Hillerby