Friday, 20 August 2010

Bits and bobs...

I just wanted to show off some of my latest vintage finds which I plan to use in upcoming projects (one of which said projects will be described in much more detail in a future blog!) 

My favourite find is the pink ribbon - even the card it is on is beautiful and I love that it reminds me of a vintage bra strap. I may shed a tear when it's all used up! I also seem to be developing a major obsession with pinky peach suspenders which seem to be delivered to my house on a daily to weekly basis! 

Also I am very pleased that my degree show collection Vanity Series 2010 has made it down safely to The Workshop in East Sussex! Powder+Royal Mail = sure disaster in my mind but alas(!) I have been proved wrong and the powder is still intact! The exhibition starts on the 24th so anyone who's in East Sussex - Go visit my jewellery!! I have asked The Workshop to take a pic of my stuff displayed as I wont be able to do so myself and they said they would so hopefully they'll
remember so I can put the pic up on my blog!

Also another link for you to feast your eyes on if you wish!

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