Friday, 23 July 2010

Grace Cross

My work is a narrative about a Victorian jewel thief which I have created. The project was inspired by an article I found in an old book about a jewellery theft, an old suitcase with the initials T.G.A embossed on it and my love for Victoriana, nostalgia and mystery. My aim is to produce a collection which holds surprises for the viewer. I want each piece to have some intrigue and an air of mystery.

I have investigated into using different materials, mainly with embossing leather by making layered metal stencils based on William Morris designs, and then pressing leather into them to create 3D patterns, which really inspired me. After this discovery with the leather, my perception of the project changed completely. It became much more focused on the idea of hiding and scattering the stolen jewellery, rather than concentrating more on the narrative.

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