Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New Designers!

Well not much has been happening jewellery wise since the degree show - mainly as the day I went to collect my tool box from Uni it was closed!! However New Designers is coming up! Not sure how I'm feeling about it to be honest - I don't have much expectations for it and seeing as it has cost a fortune and I have 0 pennies I've really been considering if it was worth it! Hopefully it will be worth it in the end. It's been hard considering how to display my jewellery - not to mention how on earth to get it down in 1 piece but I think that I am just going to take the 2 large acrylic squares off the front of my display unit and screw them on the wall - maybe using some clear thread to secure the jewellery more as when they were on the unit, they were at an angle allowing them to stay on securely! Very stressful considering all my options! Anyways heres some pics of my display so you get an idea what I'm talking about! I was very proud of my display as display was something I always struggled with in previous hand-ins or assessments for Uni!

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Zoe Duthie said...

I had the same feelings as you about new designers last year - even right up to the last day of it and I didn't have one sale/exhibition offer etc. Nil!! but once I got home and for months after I kept getting emails with exhibition offers so don't worry! It will defo be worth it in the end, too many people will see your stuff for it not to be a good thing! :-D xxx