Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Degree show night& Industry night!

Well we're half way through the degree show now & I must say I'm going to be a little relieved when it's done!! Despite "Please do not touch" signs next to the 2 neckpieces with pressed powder - each day I have come in to find them a little more ruined!!! Can't really fathom why people would feel the need to keep touching them and what annoys me more is the fact that people must touch them - realise they damaged them - think "Shit!!!!"...then walk away!!!! Don't get me wrong I'd probs do the exact same but still...grr!! Hoping to either make replacement powder elements for them for displaying at New Designers or to actually change my thinking around and like the "destruction" element?! We'll see. I've also had a small bit of silver damaged on the piece thats featured on the postcard that I will repair after the degree show ends. People really need to learn to respect the preciousness I feel for my jewellery!! Maybe it could be a nice new conceptual project for me to work on?! Anyways despite this rant please come along to see the jewellery department if you have time!! :D

p.s note "too SEE" ...not TOUCH!!! Bloody general public.


Erin Austin said...

Interesting. I totally understand the dismay that follows someone touching without asking, and with signs posted I can only imagine the irritation. I must say though that I am not surprised. Jewelry is such a personal art form that people tend to want to reach out and become intimate with the work. And I agree with what you alluded to, that the destruction of the piece and the perfection of the pressed powder follows your concept. At any rate, everything looks wonderful. Congratulations!


unique idea.