Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Busy busy busy.......STRESS!!!

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything! Ironically I have taken lots of pictures and have lots to chat about work wise (seeing as my life now consists of Uni-Bed-Uni etc etc) I've been too busy to post anything!! The official degree show postcards are currently getting printed and I'm very pleased with mine having not been so keen on the images at first. 1 in particular jumped out and with a few adjustments (suprisingly little photoshopping!) I'm very happy! The group postcard also looks fantastic, designeed by Maria Maclennan. However you'll have to wait til nearer the time for a sneaky preview!! ;).

So far I'm just finishing piece no.5 (seeing as I only had 2 last week you can't even imagine the relief I feel at being able to say this!!) and am in the process of constructing a DIY beauty counter for my vanity related items!! Tomorrow I will also be down in the photography studio with Jenny (a best friend and model extroardinaire!!) to take photos of my pieces. I'm going for a very natural look - barely there make up, hair in ponytail, white/cream vest top dress. Very minimal but still soft. Hopefully all will go well!! I shall leave you with some images of some sneaky peeks of what to expect at my degree show! Can't believe I'm nearly there..!!

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VEry beautiful designs.......