Saturday, 20 February 2010

I'm back! :D

Finally!!! After an early arrival (7.20am to be precise!!) my new teeny tiny netbook is here to save me from a lack of laptop-ness!! Been out of the loop so long it's ridiculous! Thankfully I have lots of pics of source, bits and bobs (literally!) and some sample pieces stockpiled up that I can post about regularly from now on!

Currently I am in the process of making pieces for the degree show. It is mind-bogglingly terrifying how close it is and our class seems to have been getting off to a bit of a rough start. Apparently we're behind but there was a lot of trouble at the start of term regarding actually having tutors (basically-we didn't have any!!!) This resulted in a lot of people being told their ideas weren't good etc near a time when they should in my opinion have been given the courage to go off and start making! Any ways hopefully this is behind us now and we will be getting a bit more support at this crucial time!!

After a...mild mini meltdown on Monday (There were many tears...) I am actually doing quite well at the moment and feel very positive and my goal is to have finished 2 pieces by the end of next week. I wasn't too confident about my theme for a while but I have really gotten into it now and am very pleased with some of my samples and think they have worked very effectively!

I will leave you with a few pictures of my haul from the Bits and Bobs outreach sale (Not too clued up on them but I know they are a programme run in Edinburgh which I think gives disabled people a job with arts and crafts materials) Give them a google if you're interested! I was very pleased with my finds! I also leave with the promise of more blogs to come - in regular doses!!! :D xxx

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Zoe Duthie said...

ahhhh I am so excited about seeing your finished pieces after looking at those photos! such lovely colours and vintagey look!