Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ups and Downs...!

Hello all sorry it has been so long since my last post! I was back home in Inverness which = a dismal lack of the internet but also thankfully meant some peaceful time to work on my sketchbooks etc! However just as I was all cosied back in Dundee excitedly plugging in my laptop to blast out my spotify tunes the bloody laptop decided to fail me!! So now it is not working and I have just been using my boyfriends to catch up on all the goss!! I completed the horse tooth necklace commission just before Christmas in time for the client (ooft sounds so professional!) 's 40th birthday and as cheesy as it may sound I was honestly so excited to give her something that I knew she would find so sentimental (if she didn't hate it!!!) and would cherish! Thankfully she did love it and left me a lovely email calling me a genius, which lets admit is a nice little boost to the ego for the day!! :D! However the photos of the necklace are all on my dodgy latop except thankfully 2 pics on my Mums USB so I'm hoping to get them off her some day to get them uploaded!! I'm very proud of it and was glad to see that when given "The Fear" (i.e. actual client and money involved!!) I can actually produce some good work!! The Christmas sale was also very successful as I hadn't really had time to make much as I was working on the necklace but still managed to make £200! Unfortunately not any photos but I went with little music note charms similar to my charm on the charm bracelet and lockets and teapots! Anyway this is a lot of blabbing on and not enough pictures so I shall leave with the promise of photos of my most recent samples etc being uploaded soon (hopefully next weekend!) :D xxx

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