Monday, 30 November 2009

My 1st proper commission...

Well the other week the jewellery office got a phone call from someone enquiring about finding someone to make a piece of jewellery featuring...a horse's tooth!! As there weren't many people in the workshop and it was mentioned that I'd worked with antler before, I somehow found myself being dragged to the phone protesting all the way that I was crap and could never do it! And so a week later I find myself with a gas mask strapped on my face trying to ignore the smell of recently sawn horses teeth!! I have been, very kindly(!), commissioned to make a pendant for someones 40th featuring their recently deceased horse's tooth! A very interesting commission I must say but I'm going to really enjoy the challenge and I also think that by doing this it will hopefully have me jumping at the chance at the next offer I get rather than
un-confidently stating "I can't do that!" Here are some pics of the tooth and
experimenting with creating a "stone" out of it!

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Estrella said...

Wow! ahorse tooth! weel, i´ve seen people with shark teeth even a bear clw, but this is sweet and weird at the same time, who knows, i might be acually pretty great!cheers form mexico!