Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Kaytee Rose..

I have been very uninspired as of late - think it may have to do with my first piece for 4th year being a refined version of the compact I made in 3rd year - I don't feel like I'm progressing! Will hopefull get it made and out of my system so I can move forward! Thankfully, as I was sitting in front of my sketchbook feeling very down, I went over to pester Anne Sutherland and was looking at her postcards on her desk and saw she had one by Kaytee Rose, a recent ECA Graduate! Was very pleased to find out about her and will be adding her to my source and her work got my creative thinking moving and I went on to do lots of potential piece-doodling! Her work is quite similar to Hannah Louise Lamb's I think - which is probably why I love it :D

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