Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Goldsmiths' Boards!

Aaaah thank the lord - the Goldsmiths' boards are done!! Hoora! I wasn't actually too bad making the boards etc but I just felt it really clogged up my mind and was in the way of all the other work we were doing! Pretty much got 0% chance of winning as I would't class my jewellery or the type I hope to make as anything near what Goldsmiths' seem to like! Few excellent boards on the go! Was superly impressed with Kim Mitchells and I liked Maria Maclennans photos and her boards' personality! Also had a dream that our tutor had put up the winner on little bits of paper and Maria was on a bit of paper and then mine was on a mini piece of paper that said "pal for london" or something - which meant I got to go with her to London to accept her award!! Haha no idea why I was dreaming this!! Anyways will attempt to put up pics of my boards - not sure if it'll work..but worth a try! :D


Maria Margaret Maclennan. said...

Aww, I shall take you to London if I wins Gharmy! I don't even think we get to go to London anyway (?!) We should go ANYWAY! And I expect a treat if you're awarded something! I am your daughter, afterall! ;) Boards look good altogether x x

Nixi said...

Haha thats why I said I don't know why I was dreaming it! Alas..there is no trip to London! Even in my dreams I don't win...Hahaha! Bit disturbing how well they suit my blog! I def have a theme on here! :D

Thomas S. Alexander said...
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