Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dissertation - word count is now my friend. :D

I'm taking a break from my Dissertation to announce I have FINALLY managed to get over 7000 words on my word count!!! Although I am by no means nearly finished (you're recommended to have between 7000-7700) I feel a little bit of relief! Want to write lots more and then edit down - but not long to go now!!

My Dissertation is called Individual and Group Identity: Clothing as Social Language in Adolescence and mainly focusses on social groups, particularly Emo's, status within social groups and in adolescence and how we use clothing to communicate our identity. I've gone through phases of being quite interested, particularly when researching Emo's and finding out some basic psychology(!!), but I am sick to death of it now!!! Haha!

Been feeling very low and stressed at the moment (I blame the weather!!) and my heads not really in it at the moment even though it very much needs to be! I just cant wait to get this Dissertation out of the way and can then plonk my head into sketchbooking and making!! It's trying to concentrate fully on the two that's making my head mince!!

I shall be posting a post full of joy and splendour when it's done...well..that or panic that I've ruined my chances of a good degree!!! Can't wait to post pictures of jewellery Ive actually MADE!!! :P


Maria Margaret Maclennan. said...

Tut tut, Missus! Ethics ethics ethics! Did you gain prior written consent from this young lady for her to be featured in your Dissertation?! Especially appearing in her pants?! Did she consent to being featured on your blog, for that matter?! Is she of legal age?! I spies a brach of ethics right there, methinks ;) But it's okay, I won't tell ;) xxx

Nixi said...

Hahaha shes too pretty to be featured in my dissertation! She just happened to suit my blog background and appreciate Hello Kitty! She also whores herself out in her panties for all to see so hopefully she wont mind! :D

mew123 said...

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Susan Bell said...

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