Monday, 16 November 2009

Bellore, studio unbound and vanilla ink...

"Designers should be story tellers. Don't just show the shiny object."

We had a visit from Bellore today which I actually had no idea about and I was supposed to be saving all my pennies for Walsh's visit tomorrow! I bought some chain for the Christmas sale - more info will be posted nearer the time about that! - and some ball wire and a nice silver trim (dont actually know the proper names of these things but meh!) and then saw some MORE pink beads which were actually exactly what I've been looking for and only £3! Was faffing around so much I actually forgot to see what they were but think they're agate judging by the price! Very pretty! Think I will be purchasing a raw hide mallet and a rivetting hammer tomorrow and am looking at doming blocks but I'll have to watch my bank balance on that front! We also had an interesting lecture with Studio Unbound which spoke about Vanilla Ink - a new initiative set up to help jewellers make the transition from Uni into a job! Can't think of anything more relevent as a fearful jeweller so check them out!

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