Thursday, 29 October 2009

Latest source!

Yet again hiding from my dissertation and inspired to put lots of effort into my blog - before crunch time starts for degree show and I wont be on this for months!! Just still working on everything in bits and bobs and am still trying to gather source inspirations! Very difficult as theres not a lot I feel I can draw - like those who are doing nature are obviously presented with a whole array of natural wonders to take inspiration from (!!!) whereas I feel that I'm relying a lot on others work and what I like about it! I'm looking at a lot of quotes on vanity (i.e. Vanity is my favourite sin) to seek inspiration and will also have to start looking at cosmetic packaging. But here is a few of my latest favourites from some very talented designers! Marta Mattsson, Hannah Louise Lamb and more from Helena Lindholm.

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