Thursday, 15 October 2009

Helena so so cute!!!!

Oooh sooo happy - found someone new who's work I love!!!! Very rare occurance!! Especially if they have more than 1 or 2 things I like! Link at the side. Very excited about this as Source was getting a little bit stale!!! :D This is her "Leftovers Collection" but she also has a collection called "My Little Pony" which is equally gorgeous!! I do love pink and girly.


Zoe Duthie said...

Omg!!! I absolutely love this - never heard of her so thanks for posting about her! here is that designer I mentioned - Tomoko Hayashi. Her stuff is really conceptual - and quite different to what you seem to be doing but she talks about making imprints with jewellery which will gradually fade along with the memories it has created...or something like that! thought it might be useful in some way! xx

Nixi said...

Aww thanks! Just checked her out and its really cool! She collaborates with Marianne Anderson who's stuff I really like! Feel free to send me any more designers!! Haha! xxx