Monday, 5 October 2009

Boyfriend + camera = me - camera!

Its been ages since I posted anything and this can be blamed on my boyfriend as he borrowed my camera weeks ago to take pics of some PS3 games he wanted to sell and is yet to take any pics at all!! I'm def going to steal it back soon as I like posting pictures with my posts as frankly they're pretty boring without them and I'm terrible at explaining things! Had a strangely calm start to 4th year as I thought we'd basically have a whip cracked behind us at all times but lots of staff are off at the moment (1's ill, 1 has conveniently(?!) gone on maternity leave the day we got back(!!!) and 2 others have gone off to show their jewellery at Goldsmiths and couldn't give a hoot about us!!) so basically we've been getting up to ...well bugger all really! I was feeling very unproductive until I decided to do some flocking samples - inspired by Rachelle Varney's amazing work (pictured)!! They were just very basic on brass as I wasn't sure what to expect or how they would work but I was amazed at how quickly flocking is done! Absolutely in love with it now and am guessing I will be using it in my final degree show pieces. This week I plan to crack on with some photo etching so I can try out my cold enamels and create some more samples. Other than that I've been cracking on with dissertation - finally over 5000 words(!)-just under 2000 to go - :s!!! and also doing some doodles so I can think a bit clearer- just simply sitting with a sketchbook trying to come up with final pieces was just not working and giving me design block!! Seriously need to get going though! I have a degree show to plan!! and a final piece must be done by half-way through November!! Argh!! p.s pics of flocking samples will be up soon!!

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