Sunday, 16 August 2009

Antique rummaging!

Finalllly getting a chance to put up a new post!!! Been stuck up in Inverness with no internet for months and any time I have been on I've been trying to get some dissertation done! Well because I've been doing dissertation, source has taken a bit of abandoning..but I've been trying to keep steady with it and start some new sketchbooks etc! While up in Inverness I went to Auldern Antiques to have a rummage to find some bits and bobs for source and samples and came across this lot! Will be honest the earrings and locket are just for me to wear :D! However I've finally settled more on my theme which I think will be a sort of combined effort of memories and vanity. Mainly exploring marks made through make up and how they create memories of loved ones. Thinking along the lines of powder on fabric, lipstick marks on shirt collars and foundation on silk make up bags!

The locket is so cool-it's got some old-lady hair in it which just adds to the appeal for me! I can't work out what it's made of though? It sort of looks like copper thats fading into brass?! Any ideas? Auldern Antiques is also amazing! Well worth a visit! Got some amazing old outfits and loads of jewellery and crockery! I always find some old trinkets there! And the lady who runs it usually gives me money off! Woot! Glad I'm adding to my giant 80's earrings collection too! Will have to put a pic of some I found in Munich! Have yet to find an occasion to wear them!


Holly Wilcox said...

i love the old lady hair locket!!!

Zoe Duthie said...

Hiya! your blog looks great - I will have to add to my follow list! tutors eh!? it is so hard to get going sometimes!
When I was reading your post there about memories/make-up etc it made me think of a designer I came accross a while ago that you might find quite interesting - I will find out her name for you and let you know! might kick-start some ideas! Hope everyone is enjoying 4th year! Zoe xx