Saturday, 23 May 2009

Degree show!

Well last night was the official Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show night and it was fantastic! I had a brilliant night (especially with my free wine and gin and lemonades!!! note to self: stop mixing drinks...) and of course the jewellery section was my favourite!!! (Not even just being biased!) There was so much amazing pieces on show and this year felt different that previous years because at the back of my mind was always "This is you next year!!! *cue large lottery hand pointing accusingly!!!*. I'll admit I'm absolutely terrible with 4th years names and didn't even know what half of them were up to so it was nice to finally see everything! There was lots to be inspired from too. It must have been an amazing group as they got very high results and the show was ridiculously professional and definately set an extremely high bar for us to aim for!

The degree show has recieved a lot of attention from press due to Erin O' Connor's presence as she opened the show and she has also given 1 textile student, Hayley Scanlan, an amazing start to her fashion career by snapping up one of her jackets. There was a lot of people crowded around "The Jacket", as it is now known :P and i felt a little sorry for the other textiles so wanted to not like it but her stuff was awesome!! Honestly was my fave textile section! Just before coming across her stuff, I said to my friend Sara who is about to go into her 4th year in Textiles "Ooh you should wear 1 of your own dresses at your degree show-that would be a good way to sell yourself!" and came to Hayley's section to see her wearing one of her own dresses and it was ridiculously cool and induced lots of jealousy!!! Mostly, she had an amazing catsuit that was reeking of 80's awesomeness and if I was famous...or cool...I'd be snapping up and wearing everyday!!! I wants me a 80's catsuit!!!! I do have to rant however that it was the jewellery department who origionally booked Erin to model their stuff and textiles (by what I've heard) just muscled their way in and it's a shame that a piece of jewellery wasn't snapped up and given the same amount of attention! But nevermind the pieces will get amazing attention anyway as they honestly were ridiculously well made and amazing designs...

A sad note to my night was that I recieved a very sad late night phone call from my boyf Tocher who lost his wallet in Glasgow!! :( Poor babes...

One more thing...VISIT THE DEGREE SHOW! :D ...Mum and Granny are getting forced to go on Sun hopefully!! :P

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zoe said...

WoW! What a intresting blog! I had thought about going to Jewelery design college:) I'm doing cute whimsical jewelerys. Well just part of hobby i guess.